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Willow, Weep No More release news

Tenebris Books 1 comment 18 November, 2013
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We’re so excited to finally announce the release date for Willow, Weep No More and to reveal its stunning cover, created by artist Liga Klavina and designer Ken Dawson. The book will be released on November 30th, 2013, just in time for Christmas. This stunning hardback volume will feature all original artwork and eleven original, traditionally-inspired fairytales from nine talented authors, all of whom love fairytales as much as we do.

Willow, Weep No More Cover

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of interviews and guest posts featuring our authors and artists, all of whom have their own reasons for being drawn to the realm of fairytales. We can’t wait to share their thoughts and musings with you, as we begin our battle to resurrect this arguably forgotten literary genre. We aim to explore the depths and subtle complexities that exist underneath what often appear to be simple tales, and what gives them their ageless appeal. It has become widely accepted that fairytales are for children, and that the only way to make them enjoyable for adults is to “reboot” them by adding sex and violence, needlessly complex plot-lines and characters who “kick ass”. We at Tenebris refuse to let traditional tale-telling die, and Willow, Weep No More is the first string in our bow.

The authors are:

The artists are:

Willow, Weep No More is the first publication for Tenebris Books, and we believe it will make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone whose heart thrills at the words “Once Upon a Time…”


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