About Tenebris Books

Tenebris Books is a publishing imprint of Grimbold Books. We publish high quality fiction with a dark side; we’re looking for tales that unnerve, disorient and give our readers the good old-fashioned chills.

We are a brand new publishing imprint and, as such, we encourage individuals considering submitting to us to contact us with any questions about the way we work, our credentials and what we offer our authors. We are extremely choosy and are expecting to release only a select few titles each year. We will select the best we can find and focus on them individually. We aim to be as open as possible, and welcome your questions.

In general terms, our authors can expect professional copy editing, proofreading, cover design and we aim to work together with our authors to market our books.

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please familiarise yourself with what we are looking for, and read through our submission guidelines here.

About the Team

Zoë Harris is an author, professional editor and documentation specialist based in Bærum, just outside of Oslo, Norway. She studied creative and professional writing and editing in Adelaide, South Australia before moving to Norway where she now runs her own editing and book production business, Book Polishers, and also leads the Oslo International Writers’ Group. Zoë has previously worked as a project manager in the IT and education sectors in both public and private industry.

Zoë heads up the Tenebris Books imprint of Grimbold Books, but we work as a team to effectively edit, produce and market all Grimbold’s titles.

Sammy Smith is an author and a full-time detective in the UK specialising in domestic, child and sexual abuse, part-time she studies Latin and Ancient Greek at university. Living just outside of Oxford, she runs the Kristell Ink imprint, but she also controls the marketing, publicity and publication of all Grimbold Books titles from her small office.

What does Tenebris mean?

Tenebris is latin for darkness, but can also be translated as “gloom”, “grey” or even “doubt”. It is this combination of descriptive words that encompasses the otherwise indefinable quality of the books we publish and seek.