Willow, Weep No More

Willow, Weep No More Cover Fairytales once held an important place in the lives of people of every age and social rank. Handed down from generation to generation like precious heirlooms, these stories told of the struggles between good and evil, rich and poor, and often culminated in an allusion to how we reap what we sow. They served both as social commentary and morality lessons, seasoned with magic spells, mythical creatures, and enchanted objects. However, their enduring appeal is perhaps not only in the fantastical journeys on which they take us, but in the fact that they allow even the lowliest of us to believe there is reason to hope and dream. Willow, Weep No More is a collection of traditionally-inspired tales that capture the magic and charm of the fairytale realm, whilst seeking to explore the depths of human wisdom, beauty and strength. Original tales and illustrations by: Michelle Basson, Hazel Butler, Selina Carr, Rossana Castellino, Christina Elaine Collins, A.R. Cook, Sharda Dean, Evelinn Enoksen, Liga Klavina, Athina Poda, Ana Santo, Danil Shunkov, David Tarleton, Honor Thompson, Erin Thorne and Lorinda Tomko.   .